Chiropractors Helping Athletes at London Olympics

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No less than a dozen different news stories recently appeared reporting on chiropractors going to London to assist the athletes in the 2012 Olympics. In many of these articles, the various doctors from around the nation are working with the athletes to help them maximize their performances and giving them the competitive edge.

In one of the articles on August 1, 2012, in the Lake Forrest Patch, Dr. Dustin Glass is described as the official team chiropractor for the United States women's indoor volleyball team. "I am very proud and honored to be a part of Team USA," stated Dr. Glass. "They are representing the country on the biggest athletic stage in the world and I am fortunate to be a part of it." Later in the article Dr. Glass continued, "Having helped out in practice and sitting courtside while traveling, to see the athleticism these athletes bring to the sport is an awesome experience," he said. "These are the top 12 players in the country competing for the pinnacle of success in athletics—the Olympic gold!"

A number of the other articles focus on a team of chiropractors helping the USA martial arts, Judo, wrestling, weight lifting and sitting volleyball teams. In a July 28, 2012 article in the online edition of the Erie Times-News, Dr. Tom Stetson, a chiropractor from North Carolina expresses his enthusiasm by saying, "It's incredibly exciting to take the true principles of health to the world stage of London. The principles we teach help athletes win, but they can also help people in this community achieve the health they've been looking for."

In addition to the excitement that many doctors are feeling, the athletes, coaches and directors are also glad to see the chiropractors at the Olympics. Jose Rodriguez, USA Judo executive director, commented in a July 29,
2012, Examiner article, "This is about making our athletes stronger, faster and sustainably successful." In the same article, Terry Steiner, the USA Women's National Wrestling Team coach added, "I have seen a tremendous value in our partnership (with the chiropractors) as it pertains to the performances of our Olympic team. I can further see the positive, life-long effects these doctors can have on their lives after London."

One chiropractor, however, is at the Olympics for a different reason. Dr. Josh Binstock a 6-foot-5-inch athlete, is competing in his first Olympic Games as part of the Canadian Volleyball team. In a July 30, 2012, article in the Algemeiner, Dr. Binstock said, "[This] was what I had been dreaming about since I started playing this sport and what I put my chiropractic career on hold to pursue."

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